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Poultry Carrying Boxes

Have a look at our amazing poultry carrying boxes - as seen and used at the National Poultry Championships.

If you show your birds these really are fantastic - can be stacked and wheeled along into the show hall. 

From £81 each including delivery & personalisation.


Need a box to take your new hens home in?

We also sell Cardboard Pet Carriers at £2.95 each.

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Poultry Houses / Coops

We hold some Greenfrog and Omlet housing in stock - contact us for latest availability.

Greenfrog houses should be with you in within a week or ordering.

We have on display here a range of poultry houses, all of which I can recommend. 

Your poultry house is the most important decision you need to make once you have decided what hens you would like. All of the houses I sell I fully recommend. I have tried and tested numerous houses and these are the best on the market.


We hold a small amount of houses in stock to take away on the day - other houses are to order and can be delivered nationwide. (Delivery may be extra.)

Plastic or Wooden ?

We often get asked which is better plastic or wooden?

These are my thoughts....


I think the wooden houses look really lovely - you can paint them any colour you want and they can look really quaint in a cottage style garden. Available in literally any size or shape - if you can draw it, it can be made for you. However - if you get a mite infestation it is harder to get rid of than a plastic house.

If you choose a wooden house I would definitely suggest you consider the following points:

1 - NEVER BUY A WOODEN HOUSE WITH FELT ROOF - this will harbour lice and mites.

2 - Ensure the perches are removable - mites will happily hide under the perches and its only my removing them can you clean them and treat to get rid of mites.

3-  I don't recommend a sliding out tray - they would be great if they work but wood often swells when damp and this stops them being easy to slide out.

4 - I prefer a door that opens outwards instead of up and down - the runners that the doors have sliding up and down can become difficult if the wood swells... the runners can also harbour mites.

5 - the houses we sell - the entire side comes off for cleaning - we find that this is quite simply the best way and easiest way to clean out a wooden house.

6- It is worth retreating wooden houses each year with a suitable preservative to get the most out of the house life.

7 - quality of wooden houses varies enormously - make sure you view before you buy - is the wood heavy? or is it thin and flimsy liable to falling over in the wind? Or worse falling apart after 12 months.

8 - resale value of a wooden house - if you manage to sell one tends to be little resale value.


At the end of the day I really don't think the plastic houses ever look quite so quaint as the wooden houses... however....

1 - Plastic are maintainance free - no need to treat or preserve each year.

2 - To give a good clean out you literally get the hose pipe out and blast any dirt away.

3 - Perfect for young or old birds as the houses can be fully sanitised between hatches so no risk of disease spreading.

4 - You CAN still get mites in plastic houses but should you get an outbreak there are FAR less nooks and crannies for them to hide away - again a good clean with the jet spray and then a treatment of mite powder will tend to erradicate even the toughest of infestations.

5 - There are limited choices of plastic houses on the market - its not so easy to get a tailor made house to fit your exact dimensions. We deal with GREENFROG (eco friendly) and also OMLET. Between the two manufacturers they provide a solution to most poultry keepers - from houses for up to 3/4 hens up to 20 hens available.


If it helps you make a final decision - most of the houses we use are now Plastic, we will gradually change them all to plastic... (not that I am trying to persuade you one way or the other!!!!!) I just love them!!!

Runs vs Fencing off an area in your garden

This decision generally comes down to how much space you have in your garden.. No-one can argue that the more space the birds have the happier they are. A lot of problems can be overcome if the birds are let out to range around a large area. Boredom is releived and feather pecking becomes less of an issue. However if you have a fox problem in your neighbourhood then a restricted run that is fox proof is far safer option!

If you don't have a daytime fox issue, we recommend fencing off an area in the garden as large as you can afford. The larger the better as there will be less damage to the ground. (we have some hens in a grassed area at home and the grass remains all year around as we have not overstocked the land - equally we have an area that is in the shade where grass struggles to grow and the hens have destroyed the grass in that area!)


The fencing we use it the

Omlet Flexible Fencing-

we have this in stock.

Priced at only £79.00 for 12m

£99.00 for 21m and

£139.00 for 32m.

(please call to reserve fencing as we have limited in stock at any time) 

We find it the easiest and most flexible way to fence off an area in your garden. It can easily be moved and is flexible enough to bend around awkward corners of the garden. If you compare the cost of this to the cost of a run attached to your house - this is significantly cheaper and yet flexible..

If you have a fox problem during the day then I would definitely stick to a large walk in run. You can build them yourself or get a joiner to make one for you..

Alternatively Omlet make a range of OMLET WALK IN RUNS

for their houses. We do not stock these and they need to be purchased direct from OMLET.

We use a range of runs for our poultry... From open runs set up on grass to small undercover runs for some of the birds that need to be kept dry.


What size?

Below is a table to make it easy to compare the prices of the various houses dependant on size and material. Please remember that some houses come complete with run and others the run would be an extra. Delivery as well would be extra. For more details click on any house title.

Those highlighted we have on display here.



 2/4 Hens

4/6 Hens 6/8 Hens 8/12 Hens 12/18 Hens

Eco Friendly Plastic

The Small Chicken House

The Small Chicken Lodge

 *The Medium Chicken Lodge*

 The Large Chicken House

The Large Chicken Lodge

The Small Loft

*The Medium Loft*


*The Medium Loft*

*Poultry Wagon*


*Eglu Go (inc.run)*

 Eglu Cube Eglu Cube Eglu Cube 


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