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Poultry Carrying Boxes

When we started looking at carrying boxes to take our birds to the show we had very specific needs from our boxes.

Our priorites were:

  • Easy to use and lightweight enough to carry or have wheels on for ease of movement.
  • Must be flexible for different sized birds as we show small bantams - silkies to large fowl Croad Langshans
  • Easy to clean out and disinfect between shows
  • Long lasting
  • Stackable so that more than one carrier can be wheeled around at the same time.

So I contacted Greenfrog, who manufacture a great range of plastic houses. We have been using their houses over the past year and I am extremely impressed with the quality of houses - so I knew if it was possible they would be able to make me some boxes that would meet all of my requirements.

The Carry Box has been specially designed for transporting poultry and other small animals. It is available in 2, 3 and 4 compartment sizes. We suggest that the 2 compartment size is suitable for larger fowl such as Croad Langshans / Orpingtons (we also put a trio of silkies in there), the 3 compartment size is suitable for moderate sized chickens such as Araucanas / Orpington bantams and the 4 compartment is suitable for most bantams (but please refer to the dimensions given below to ensure that you select the correct Box for your birds).


Each individual compartment has a separate lid fitted with a quick release catch. Lids have no holes in them which, in the case of poultry, helps to minimise tail feather damage.

By purchasing another Compartment Kit (which contains addional dividing panels, compartment lids and fittings), it takes only a minute or two to convert between sizes. You can also then split the boxes if you wish to carry 2 smaller birds in 2 x 1/4 compartments and then 1 large bird in the other 1/2 compartment.

A wheel set is also available. Each pair of wheels is fitted to a platform that is attached using quick release catches. The rear set of wheels is fixed while the front set swivels and are braked. Brakes help the Carry Box stay in place when movement is undesirable (e.g. in a car or when loading or unloading). With wheels fitted, the Carry Box is very easy to move ? a very important feature for those who exhibit animals.

Included in the price, we offer free engraving of your name or business on the side panels. This aids security of your valuable livestock and makes it less likely that your Carry Box (and the animals) inside will be stolen.

Biosecurity is of critical importance and, being made from plastic, the carry Box can be easily cleaned and disinfected, and it will dry out in minutes.

The plastic has a diamond texture finish on one side. With this texture facing upwards on the floor panel, livestock do not slip around too much.

Boxes are stackable (up to 3 high) and each stack can be clipped to the one above for safety.

There are holes in the sides and ends to provide adequate cross flow ventilation.

The Carry Box can be quickly and easily dismantled for storage or deep cleaning, if required.

Ordering Information:
Minimum order is a Carry Box Shell and a Compartment Kit. Wheels are an optional extra.
Specify text and font to go on the side of the box. To convert a Carry Box from one size to another, order another Compartment Kit


Carry Box Shell: £75.00

Compartment Kits:

2 compartments £30.00

3 compartments £30.00

4 compartments £30.00

Optional Wheels: £30

If ordering extras not at the same time as the carry box there is an additional £12.00 postage charge.

Overall: 39 (h) x 94 (l) x 34 (w) cm (41h with wheels fitted)
Compartments: All 30 (h) x 30 (w) cm. Compartments 22 (l), 29 (l) or 44 (l) cm.
Height when stacked 2 high (no wheels fitted): 76 cm
Height when stacked 2 high (wheels on lower Box only): 82 cm
Weight: 10kg

COLOURS: This product is available in the following colours (see colour swatch below):

                              Green, Blue, Yellow.

Please be aware box itself is not available in Black - the colour Black will show through when your name is engraved on the box.


To order:

1- Please complete the Order Form - click here.

2- Once order form has been received I will call you to confirm the details of your order and take payment via credit or debit card, prior to manufacture.