Quotes Hi, Just to let you know that they are here:):):) wow wow wow they are so beautiful, I hope you get the pictures ok, they are in their new house which is on the patio for now whilst we revamp the garden. Thankyou thankyou thankyou from me and a very very happy little girl Belinda - Twickenham (October 2009) Quotes

Quotes Bev, I really really really can't thank you enough. You have been incredibly kind and helpful and that's truly a great thing which just can't be underestimated, there are so many people who don't want to help newcomers and its such a shame in my view. It seems to me that you have very high standards and it does show how much you care about your livestock - that speaks volumes and I have no hesitation in recommending or encouraging people to look at your website (as you know!) Mx - London Feb 2010 Quotes

Quotes Bev, Thanks for you help and advice. As a newcomer it is great to find people who are willing to give time to a complete novice. I will no doubt be in touch again to solve my next problem!!!!! Take care and thank you again N.W. - Preston Feb 2010. Quotes

Quotes Thank you Bev They are beautiful. We've spent a great deal of time today out in the garden admiring them! One was already eating from my hand this afternoon. They are now tucked up safely in bed after a very exciting day. I will certainly keep in touch. D - Hayfield March 2010. Quotes

Quotes Thanks also to your husband who kept us entertained while you were seeing to your previous visitors - who, from what I over heard as they were leaving, were equally impressed. What can I say about the Sablepoots? - any one looking at your site can see how beautiful they are but the pictures do not convey what great characters they are and SO friendly!! They made the journey home with absolutely no trouble and settled in instantly - so much so that they were feeding out of my hand the following day!! - the whole family is absolutely in love with them. So I am delighted with my purchase, so much so that can I please book a trio of Silkies as soon as you have some available. Many thanks once again Bob - April 2010 Quotes
Bob part 2

Quotes Hi Bev:) Well, where to start? Firstly, thank you ever so much for making the trip so rewarding, if I had any doubts before my visit about keeping chickens they were blown away by your obvious love for them and the masses of information and helpful tips you passed on. The fact that you live in such lovely surrounding and you had arranged for it to be a nice sunny day also helped to make it a very enjoyable day out!! I really appreciated how much time you spent with us and how welcoming and enthusiastic you were. It was also very educational to see how you kept your flock, the different types of housing used, how clean every thing was and most importantly how contented and friendly all the various types of chickens were. Your advice about the different type of housing, runs, food and bedding was invaluable and saved me wasting a lot of money on inappropriate choices. Quotes
Bob - part 1

Quotes Hope you are well, Thought it was time I dropped you a line to let you know how my lovely girls are getting on. Ruby, Dilys and Maud are now well established and much loved family members. I have been surprised at how their personalities differ - Ruby is generally found heading up the escape committee and initiating any mischief that can be found. Dilys is a very cheeky second in command with a very chilled Maud letting them get on with it as she can't get a word in edgeways! We have finally had eggs this weekend - they were certainly worth waiting for! Ruby tends to wait until I'm home from work before laying hers. I though she was ill the first time I saw her do it - a strange expression on her face and her chest all puffed up! I can see how you become hooked, I spend a lot of time just watching them - much better than the tv! Thank you for breeding such lovely girls. (June 2010) Quotes

Quotes Hi Bev, It was lovely to see your chickens, we were really impressed with how stunning the birds were and how clean & well looked after they were. You were really friendly & helpful too. My son has called his chickens snowy & tiggi. They have settles in really well & are becoming very friendly. They have adapted to their new home really well. Thanks Steph (June 2010) Quotes
June 2010

Quotes Hi Bev, All gone to bed like good little girls tonight and looked adorable snuggles up on their perches - thanks so much - they are giving me so much pleasure! Quotes
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