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Poultry Care / Coop Care

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Poultry Carrying Boxes

Have a look at our amazing poultry carrying boxes - as seen and used at the National Poultry Championships.

If you show your birds these really are fantastic - can be stacked and wheeled along into the show hall. 

From £81 each including delivery & personalisation.


Need a box to take your new hens home in?

We also sell Cardboard Pet Carriers at £2.95 each.


  • "Collected my girls from Bev today ,what a great experience !!Bev (and her family)were so helpful and couldnt do enough for myself and my daughter.We were complete novices, but l..."
    Angela Nicholson
  • "Hi Bev I bought a couple of Wellsummer hybrids from you on 19th June and thought you might like to know the good news. Can't imagine life without the hens now. They are v..."
    Angela Coombs

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Daily & Weekly Routine

Daily routine


  • Check feed and water.
  • Let birds out.
  • Watch them for a couple of minutes and check their behaviour – (normally over a cup of tea!)

Mid / late afternoon.

  • You can offer a treat perhaps a small handful of corn – only offer enough that they can eat in a few minutes otherwise will become overweight / egg production will drop / shells can become misshaped.
  • Collect your eggs


  • Lock birds up for night


  • Clean coop out and spray with Smite Liquid to protect from mites / lice and also to keep disinfected.
  • Ideally allow coop to dry and then replace bedding with new.
  • As an extra safeguard can add Smite Powder in to nooks and crannies for mite prevention.
  • If very cold damp weather, instead of using Smite Liquid  you may prefer to use a dry disinfectant such as Coop Care.
  • Wash out drinkers with Smite Liquid, rinse well and fill with fresh water.