Quotes Fab site nice people and great Chickens. We go back to the site offten. Quotes
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Quotes With what we have seen and know of you is amazing. Your knowledge is incredible and cannot praise you enough in what you are doing. Excellent. Quotes

Quotes Bev, you and your passion are inspirational. It has been a pleasure meeting you and we are so looking forward to learning a lot about our new hobby. The girls (we decided on Wilma and Betty) have settled in beautifully and as you are aware we had present on day two. The girls have such personalities and they are great to sit and talk to as they actually talk back now lol. Many thanks again luv Jayne, sue, Wilma and Betty xx Quotes
Jayne and sue
Many many thanks

Quotes Bev couldn't have been a more responsive and helpful advisor on line. I live too far away to visit - but she assisted with chicken house advice and supply at a very good price. I would have no hesitation contacting again - and when I am Cheshire way - will definitely drop by! thanks Bev Quotes
Jo Lawson

Quotes Myself and two colleagues recently attended a course as complete novices, and bought 3 hybrids for a childcare setting. We left feeling all our questions were answered, Bev adapted her training to suit our specific needs taking as long as we needed, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you very much. Quotes
Happy Trainee!

Quotes Bev and her family personify enthusiasm and helpfulness. The poultry course is well worth attending and Bevs hens are in tip top condition. She inspires confidence and makes everyone feel welcome. My five hybrid hens have settled beautifully and came to me in glowing health. Very highly recommend buying hens from Bev and joining one of her courses. Quotes
Gina Brennand
Local fan

Quotes Hi Bev, Just to let you know that the girls look to have already got themselves into the routine here. The White Star was the most lively and headed for the gate at a rate of knots, but when I guided her to my Bluebell, they paired up quite quickly. The Magpie was next off the blocks, but wasn't so brave and stayed near the shed. The little Sussex (who I think is the youngest) daren't come out, bless, so after a few hours, I carried her out and gave her a guided tour before putting her with the others. After that, they were all brilliant and were obviously doing a bit of exploring, but then racing back to the shed for reassurance!! I got a lovely white egg at lunchtime in one of the nesting boxes as well. They all went back in on their own this evening, in spite of a bit of territorial pecking from the current residents! So thank you very much. They're lovely hens and so obviously in blooming good health. Quotes

Quotes Hi Bev Just a quickie - but have totally fallen for Polish - do you have any more available or due to become available, soon? The "poots" - (mousse and drizzle) are beautiful, and doing really well - but the polish are something else! - piccies attached. Hope all is well with you, saw the lovely pic of your children in PP last month - gorgeous kids and very skilled with the chucks it seems! love and best wishes- Justine Quotes
Justine Sturtivant

Quotes Hi Bev, just a couple of pictures of the girl's. They are doing very well and growing fast, no eggs as yet. I have never spent so much time in the garden but the girl's are fascinating to watch. I haven?t given them names as yet but I?m sure I will. I will email you and book an appointment when I need more provisions. The large starter pack seems to be non ending. Well I just wanted to say thank you for giving me such a wonderful hobbie. Kind regards Donna Quotes

Quotes Hi Bev We would just like to say a huge big thank you for all your help today We all had a fantastic afternoon and it was lovely to meet James, Amelia and your husband Andy made the Chicken House and it is such Fantastic Quality and extremely heavy Beauty & Roxy (The Black Polands) have both layed an egg for us this evening Thomas has been holding (Hedwig & Snowdrop) the White Polands ever since we got home they are so adorable and quiet Im sure that we will be back for something else soon to add to our collection soon I will be recommending you to all my friends Thankyou All once again and we may see you at the Fed Show Rach Quotes
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